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Book Review : Little Women


‘Little Women’ is a great classical novel written by Louisa M. Alcott in 1868. The story revolves around the wonderful journey of the March’s sisters named Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy from their adventurous childhood right until their womanhood life. In short, it is about this four girls growing up with their mother while their father is away to fight in the American War Between the States. Despite having to live in impoverished surroundings and lacking monetary riches, they managed to keep each other happy and joyful all the time. Each of the four siblings has its own unique character: Meg, the oldest at sixteen, is quite beautiful and friendly and also the most sensible of the lot, and the one who always tries to follows her mother’s footsteps; while Jo, a year younger that her sister, is a bit of a tomboy who tries to take on the man’s responsibility in the family while at the same time loves writing stories and plays; Beth, the second youngest is a quiet girl, and very shy loving; and finally Amy, the youngest of the lot who always strive to act refined and elegant despite her young age. Then, there were Laurie, the lonely boy next door who befriended by Jo.
As the five grow up, they take pleasure in many activities that strengthened their imaginations and friendships. In the transition of moving from childhood to womanhood, romances blooms, and hard times as well as illness hit the family time and again. And as time goes by, the sisters start their new lives as wives and even mothers. Through it all, the sisters experience many valuable lessons that will transform their lives forever.
For those who read this book, the may find that they will experience moment of laughter, amusements, enragement and also tears which are inevitable. This is a joyful book that should be in the possession in every young girl's heart. It tells the story of hope, friendships, romance and ultimately, the love a family brings.


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