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Pencil Portrait of Celebrity & Common People


Dear Readers,

Recently, I started back on my old childhood hobby - drawing portrait. First time I started drawing portraits was when I was in high school (about 15 years ago...!). One day, an art teacher taught us all about how to draw portraits of people. It was just a brief explanation, but since then I got very drawn into portraits. I started to draw celebrity portraits and it became my pastime hobby. When you draw, it's as if you can see that they grew alive right in front of your eyes. And when you finished a portrait that looked similar to the real person, you will feel a sense of satisfaction like no other...

Below is several celebrity portraits which I had drawn when I was about 13-15 years old. I was only able to find these few portraits after rummaging through my old stuffs. The portraits looked old and a little bit blurry but it's still held many nostalgic memories for me in my childhood days...I want to share those memories with you too...

This is Keanu Reeves ...

...and this is Brad Pitt...:-)

If you're interested to see more of my drawings, come visit my blog - http://myportraitgallery.blogspot.com/ (English Version) or http://galeripotretku.blogspot.com/ (Malay Version).

I appreciate it if you could leave some comment on these blog..:-)

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Dear Readers,

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Happy Blogging and Have a Nice Day!

Earn Money on Mylot - A Review


Dear Readers,

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Free Blogger Template


Dear readers,

A template plays an important part in making your blog/website looks stunning and catchy to the eye. A beautiful template will certainly attract your reader's attention. If you search the Internet, there are SO many available blogger template which you can use, freely. Well, I've decided to compiled a list of free blogger template which I think is worth your while.

1. templatesblock.com
2. freetemplates.blogspot.com
3. eblogtemplates.com
4. finalsense.com
5. blogger-templates.blogspot.com
6. ourblogtemplates.com
7. idwebtemplate.com
8. pyzam.com-bloggertemplates

This list will constantly be updated.

P/S - If you any suggestion or know any site that can be included in the list, please feel free to leave me a comment.

Photoshop Tutorial - DesignShard


Dear all,

Recently, while searching for some simple Photoshop tutorials, I came across a website that does wonders to the world of art & design. The website is - designshard.com.

There's lots of amazing graphics and photo alteration in this website. There's even some stunning and i-catching tutorials using Photoshop. There's so much to learn there, but I just don't have the time. So, that's why I've decided to post this website link in my blog, so that I can refer to it again when I have the spare time. You can also benefit from this if you're into graphics and stuffs...Enjoy the website!

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