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Free Blogger Template


Dear readers,

A template plays an important part in making your blog/website looks stunning and catchy to the eye. A beautiful template will certainly attract your reader's attention. If you search the Internet, there are SO many available blogger template which you can use, freely. Well, I've decided to compiled a list of free blogger template which I think is worth your while.

1. templatesblock.com
2. freetemplates.blogspot.com
3. eblogtemplates.com
4. finalsense.com
5. blogger-templates.blogspot.com
6. ourblogtemplates.com
7. idwebtemplate.com
8. pyzam.com-bloggertemplates

This list will constantly be updated.

P/S - If you any suggestion or know any site that can be included in the list, please feel free to leave me a comment.


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