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A Few Useful Tips before starting on a diet


Before going on a diet, there are several tips or guidelines that you should adhere to, just so that you WILL able to see visible results after doing all of that tough dieting stuffs. Listed below are some of the basic tips that you can follow before starting your diet regime:

• Drink plenty of plain water because water is essential for your diet as well as for good health. Plus, water doesn’t contain any calorie. Drink at least 8 full glass of water daily. Avoid alcoholic drink
• While shopping for food product, learn to read the food labels pasted on the product. This labels informs you about nutrition information contain in each product. Be sure to buy product which has less calories and fat.
• Try not to eat at night time or before going to sleep. But, if you’re a night time-eater, remember to eat at least 2 hours before going to sleep
• Stop eating before you feel full. Don’t continue eating just because you want to finish the leftover. Remember this saying, “Eat to live, not live to eat”
• Exercise regularly. Try to do a at least a 30-minute workout each day. Exercise combines with cutting down on fat will make you see the difference within a few months.
• Try to eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. Avoid fatty foods such as fast foods, frozen foods, donuts, cakes ….and the list goes on and on…
• Don’t eat meals while at the same time you are doing some other activities e.g., watching TV, reading newspaper, listening to music and etc. Take a time to enjoy your eating while doing nothing. Eat slowly and do it while sitting down, not standing, thus your attention would be more focus on a single activity.
• You can eat up to 5-6 healthy meals per day, each in a SMALLER portion, that is. Eating many meals a day can help boost your metabolism which in turn can burn more calories. Do not let your body starve
• Avoid frying your food, instead try baking, steaming, stewing, broiling or roasting. This method of cooking will help remove fat
• Don’t ever skip breakfast because that meal is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast is good for weight loss. Skipping breakfast will make you feel tired and hungry and tends to make you consume more food during lunch time


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