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Know your Body Type!


Hey, did you know that our body can be classify into 3 different physical type? Well, this is a fact and it can divided into Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph. Cool, isn’t it? Anyway, it is important for you to be aware of what your body type is because body type certainly plays an important role in choosing the right kind of diet and exercise training if you want to lose weight. Well, read the description below and decide which category are you.

– have a round and soft physique and much of the mass is store in the belly area
– big bones, round face, thick writs, wide hips, slow metabolism
– body fat is easily stored, thus this body type have a high number of fat cells, making fat loss even more difficult
– have a tendency to gain weight very easily and finds it hard to lose it
– the best diet for this body fat is to burn fat effectively by increasing metabolism rate and perform exercise within the target heart rate zone but for a longer period, and consume vegetables and fruits regularly

– not skinny or fat; have muscular body
– have well-defined muscles, large bones, wide shoulders and small waist
– this body type is usually athletic and hard body with a low body fat percentage
- the bones and muscles of the head are prominent
- have an increased metabolism, unlike endomorphs
- have an excellent posture, mature muscle mass and gains muscle easily

- have a thin and linear appearance, with light bones, slight muscle and small joints
- generally have long neck, fingers, and toes
- skins skin tends to burn easily.
- narrow shoulders, waist and hip
- low body fat and have trouble gaining weight due to very high metabolism rate
- lightly muscled and takes longer to gain muscle


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