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Earn money with Blogsvertise!


If you’re a blogger and would like to have the opportunity of earning money with your blog, well I think Blogsvertise is an excellent site which you should look into. Let me tell you a bit about this blog.

Blogsvertise is a simple blogger/advertiser site where you can generate extra income from your blog after signing up as a member. Membership is free and your blog should be over a month old to get approval. Once you get approval, advertisers will hire you to do some review about their products/websites/services and paste them in your blog.

You will get paid after you’ve completed the task and gain approval from the advertiser. The review is not a long one; it’s about 2-3 paragraph and over 100 words. Simple, isn’t it? But remember, you have to OWN a blog before signing up with this guys. And again, this is not a scam site. If you do your tasks very well, you WILL get paid for your hard work. Want to know more? Check out this link Blogsvertise

Happy blogging!


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