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5 Tips to Achieve High Metabolism for Weight Loss


Most people do not realize that metabolism plays a crucial part in managing weight loss. In fact, our metabolism is one of the important factors in determining how difficult or easy for us to lose weight. In simple term, metabolism refers to the rate at which the body burns calories or uses energy. It is a complex biochemical process that takes place in the body. Everyday, we will burn off calories whether we are eating, sitting down, or even sleeping. The higher the metabolism rate, the more calories we will shed off and hence the faster we will lose weight.

A person with a high metabolism will burn off more calories than someone with a low metabolism. Overweight people tend to have slower metabolic rate due to their fat cells that consumes energy. One more important thing that we have to keep in mind is that people who have more muscle than body fat will achieve a higher metabolism. This is because muscle alone is capable of burning off calories more efficiently than fat. This is how you can lose extra weight. So the key to lose weight is to really build more muscle mass to achieve higher metabolism.

A high metabolic rate can burn more calories, even when doing the simplest activity such as cleaning the house or washing the dishes. To achieve this, there are a few effective tips which can be put into practice to attain a higher metabolism in order to lose weight and they are as follows:


Exercising is a major part in achieving a high metabolism. Aerobic exercise is a cardiovascular activity which will increase the metabolism temporarily. Whereas resistance training such as weight lifting will build more lean muscle and speeds up metabolism for hours and hours even after the workout. The more muscle mass your body have, the more calories it will be burning. A combination of both exercises is needed to gain more muscle and less fat, and the outcome would be a higher metabolic rate for your body. A word of advice, before beginning both of the exercises, one should start off with resistance training first and then followed by an aerobic exercise.

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2.Avoid starving the body

Most people seem to think that if they don’t eat, they will lose weight quickly. This is an incorrect perception. On the contrary, if you don’t eat anything or deprive yourself of adequate consumption of food, your body might think that you are starving yourself. This means that the body will conserve more energy to prepare for this starvation mode. In simple word, depriving your body of food will encourage it to “save” more calories rather than to “burn” it. The end result is your metabolism will become much slower. Eat moderately and with a balance diet. You will notice positive results more quickly.
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3.Don’t’ forget to eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most necessary meal of the day. You won’t increase your metabolic rate if you skip this meal. Rather it will just slow it down. Eating a well balanced breakfast will boost your metabolism and keeps you energetic for the whole day. You don’t have to eat heavy meal during breakfast, a simple meal that consists of oatmeal, a banana and a glass of milk would be sufficient. The secret to eating in order to lose weight is to eat up to 5-6 meals a day but within smaller portion.

4.Drink plenty of water

Drinking a lot of plain water is beneficial to your health. It can also speeds up weight loss. A sufficient amount of water will greatly assist the effectiveness of metabolism in burning fat. This is because the energy burning process of metabolism needs adequate and plenty of water to function properly. Furthermore, research has proven that drinking 8 glasses or more water each day is essential for the well being of your health and can additionally boosts the metabolism process.

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5. A good night sleep is essential

You’ll be surprise to know that even when we are sleeping, our metabolism is also working. This is because our body is using up energy to perform other functions of the body while it sleeps such as breathing and making the heart beat. Research has shown that the body will burn around 60 calories per hour while it sleeps. Therefore, always remind yourself that not getting enough sleep will only slow down the metabolism. What’s more, if we are accustomed to sleeping late, we may feel hungry at the middle of the night, and this would eventually lead to late night eating. Hence, this habit will surely add in extra fat to the body. Not to mention that being sleep deprived would only make the body feel tired and unproductive. Experts have suggested that a normal person would require about 7-8 hours of sleeping in order to stay healthy and energized for the next day activities.

Remember that one of the key factors to achieving rapid weight loss is to boost the metabolism. A high metabolism will quickly burn off more fat calories and weight loss would be much faster. By combining all of the five tips stated above and a little bit of patience along with self-discipline, one will surely be successful in losing weight and attaining the perfect and ideal body they have always dreamed of.


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