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A Review about A.W. Survey.com


I want to share with you my experience with a survey site that claims to pay money to anyone who would complete their survey. I’d found out about this site while browsing through a website of some guy that claims he had received many payments from awsurvey after completing the surveys. So, I decided to try out my luck in this money making website.

The registration process was pretty simple and I was offered several survey sites which I can participated instantly. The survey sites were actually a simple evaluation on some certain websites and the pay was $4 for each completed survey. The survey would take around 4-5 minutes to complete, as stated by the instruction. Plus, there is also a bonus cash prize worth $500 to be won each month! And we could also refer a friend where we will be paid $1.25 per friend. How cool is that? Back then, I was thinking that there was so much benefit I could gain from this site.

So I started to try out several surveys, four of them actually. And I saw my account total grew from $4 to $16. I forgot to tell you that the payout for awsurvey is $75. Then when I try to complete my 5th survey, the link to the survey website couldn’t be opened. Day after day I tried to open the same website, but it still cannot be opened. I thought maybe I would be offered other surveys, but since I registered in February until now, the same cannot-be-opened-website survey was still available for me. That means that I won’t receive another survey until I’ve completed the ones I have now. Bummer!

I was really annoyed with awsurvey. I had wasted valuable time to complete their survey just to have my $16 stuck with them and I couldn’t redeem my money unless I have made $75. But how can I achieve that amount when I wasn’t given any other websites to do surveys.

Later on, I found out that this site really does pay to a minority of their member. But a MAJORITY of them still couldn’t redeem their $75 and was provided with ridiculous excuses by awsurvey’s admin about why they couldn’t receive their payment. I think I am quite lucky for having to complete only 4 surveys in that website. So that’s why I’m labeling this website a SCAM site. Please don’t get cheated like me, try to do some research on your own about any money making website before decided to participate in one.


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