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American Idol 8th winner: KRIS ALLEN!


Congratulations to Kris Allen, on emerging as the winner of American Idol’s 8th season title! I had anticipated this duel competition from the start of the very show. Plus, American Idol IS my favorite reality TV show, and I hadn’t and couldn’t missed an episode.

To summarize, the 2 contestants that was voted to go head-to-head in the finale competition was Kris Allen and Adam Lambert (although, personally I preferred Kris Allen vs. Danny Gokey). Each with his own special trait; Kris Allen with his smooth voice and unique style of singing, while Adam with his loud and commanding vocal range, each has its abundant and die-hard fans.

“No Boundaries” was a new song each finalist had to sing and in my opinion, I’d prefer the rendition sung by Kris Allen. No surprise in that one, because after all, I am a Kris Allen’s fan. What I like most about Kris Allen is the innocent boy-next-door look and his ability to turn an already popular song to a whole new arrangement that outshine the original song. This is what I admire most about this 23-year old guy.

But all in all, both singers are very talented indeed. Even though Adam Lambert lost in this competition, but I’m certain he has establish himself a name in the music world by joining American Idol! And especially to Kris, keep up the good work and may you be successful in the music business. Can’t wait to hear his first debut song!


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