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Are you looking for a Translator (penterjemah)?

I am a freelance translator well-versed in translating from English to Malay language. I have 4 years experience of translating various articles, books in general term, children’s book, law book and etc. I also accept translation on other subject areas such as:

- abstracts;
- questionnaire;
- business manuals;
- articles (healthcare / personal hygiene / education, information technology etc)
- annual reports;
- legal documents;
- newsletters;
- advertisements
- website/blog content

Apart from doing translation work, I also accept requests for article (various genres) writing and researching information on the Web. For more details, you can contact me at transwrite@gmail.com or click here to view my translator’s website.

apparelshop online said...
May 24, 2009 at 3:35 AM  

just blogwalking. Good luck!

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